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Manatees are marine mammals that live in warm fresh water and seawater. There are five species which include the West Indian manatee, West African manatee, Amazonian manatee, dugong, and Steller’s sea cow. Manatees are mostly found along the West African coastline in Africa.

Lack of proper management is gradually making the mammals to go extinct such as Steller’s sea cow. Manatees in Nigeria are being slowly wiped out by hunting and loss of habitat. As many people kill the elusive aquatic mammal because of its meat, its hide, and the oil which can be obtained. Many villagers along the Lagos lagoon hawk the manatee meat which can even be bought in some of the local restaurants.

Quantum Valley is aware that the West African manatee is most at risk because not much has been done to stop people from killing them. They appear as “vulnerable to extinction” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) red list, which charts the status of the world’s endangered species.

In the light of this gradual depletion of these precious mammals which is locally called “Adanyi” Quantum Valley plans to preserve the very few numbers remaining in our sea water in Nigeria by playing the role of the protectors of this mammal and some other species like Alligator and many others. We solicit the collaborations of Ngos, agencies, and other interested stakeholders to save and protect manatee.