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Expression of Interest Form

The registration starts with the completion of the ” Expression of Interest Form” After the submission of this, the company is listed in the distribution list for the News and Updates on the zone and becomes a preferred party for further Applications.

Application Form

Pending on the urgency of your project. Companies can require immediately for an Application Form. The Application Form contains all relevant elements on the company and the project (including Feasibility and business plan) This elements will be studied by the Quantum Valley management board for approval.

Registration and Licensing.

When the Project is accepted by the zone management. The formal registration of the business as an enterprise in the zone can be completed. A company entity will be created at this point in time. The Application and registration will be validated by the zone management after which the operational license can be issued.

Land Lease and Services Contract.

In the meantime, A land lease contract and service contract will be negotiated.


Upon reception of the construction permits, you are now ready to start construction and accommodation of your site. Our Engineering department and operational team will be at your disposal for assistance.


With the permit of commencement of operation.
You are now ready to start your business.